In an effort to be fully authentic, I want to publicly share my personal and professional values, as well as my vocational goals. This document constantly evolves as I change and adapt to new ideas and circumstances.

I approach life with curiosity. I hold space for people to share whatever wonderful or challenging things are alive in them. I open my arms to whatever experiences that people bring to me. When I don’t understand what someone has described, I ask with an open heart. If I find that someone doesn’t want to share, I’m content to move the conversation elsewhere. I am motivated by understanding others.

I challenge dominant worldviews. I question unintentional bias in others and myself. I continually educate myself on issues that others are facing, even when they may never affect me personally. By living my values, I spark questions in others about the possibility of idealistic futures. I work every day to develop a world that works for all by giving people tools to change their lives.

I energize those around me. I deliberately develop positivity to share throughout my day. I improve the lives of friends and strangers alike with my words and deeds. People look forward to seeing me because it brightens their day. My optimistic energy is contagious.

I cultivate compassion for others. I work with others to build peace everywhere I go. I approach all situations with a warm and receptive energy. I speak and act in an intentional way that minimizes harm. I extend empathy and love to everyone, even when I disagree with their words or actions.

I serve those that I lead. I seek to share power with others and pass the torch by encouraging others to step into leadership. I collaborate with people and, as a result, they have a stake in what we make together. Those that I interact with feel empowered to live their values and lead a life worth living.  I only consider using force in ways that are protective, not punitive.

I share authentically. I speak openly and honestly about my successes and failures, especially as they relate to what I teach. I sincerely admit when I don’t live my values. I believe that I can better serve others when they know that I’ve struggled in similar ways, so I tell stories about my journey without embellishment or hyperbole. 


I am called to resolve conflicts in kink communities by facilitating dialogue based on the values of restorative justice.

I am called to prevent violence against sex workers by teaching crisis de-escalation skills in the sex worker community.

I am called to create common ground between Nonviolent Communication educators and alternative sexualities communities by writing about my experiences within both groups.

I am called to empower disabled people by teaching skills for self-advocacy using Nonviolent Communication.

I am called to develop a sanctuary with my chosen family by creating an intentional community based on the values of Nonviolent Communication and restorative justice.

I am called to heal relationships between queer folks and their families by using restorative practices to encourage trust and compassion.

I am called to encourage harmony in intentional communities by coaching Nonviolent Communication and other conflict resolution skills.