Personal Journey

Personal Update, Spring 2021

I wanted to provide a bit of an update, as I have been a little silent or intermittent for the last few months.

As you may or may not know, I have struggled with symptoms like extreme fatigue, migraines, and dizziness since I was a teen. These symptoms were mild for several years, but in February 2020, they came roaring back with a vengeance. 

I’ve found that overexerting myself causes these symptoms to flare up in ways the average person wouldn’t experience; A late night out at the local dungeon, The Woodshed, leads to at least one but often up to three days where I barely have the energy to leave bed for a shower. 

This has fluctuated and remains unpredictable. In the time that these symptoms have been troubling me again, I have overexerted myself many times, leading to multiple days bedbound and putting all projects on hold.

I’m still learning how to pace myself. I’m scheduling breaks that I must take, even if I’m frustrated by them. I’m taking days off with no expectations. I bought a shower chair to make my daily routines easier. Ultimately, I’m fighting the internalized ableism that tells me my value is in hustling and grinding my way to the top.

Right now, my focuses include writing for my personal blog and The Kinky Butler, continuing to learn, and serving Fit Miss. However, my top priority is caring for myself. As is a common refrain in the power exchange community, I must protect the property before all else.

Thank you.